Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Getting Older Every Day

I got up early this morning and decided to take a few quiet minutes and look at the new crop of catalogs. 

The first one, one of Audrey's', had a pair of short cowboy boots to DIE for!  (If I survive this wedding, I am SO totally buying them.  In RED....)  And there were some cute tunics and sweaters. 

The next one of Audrey's catalogs featured tiny little clothes with lots of cut-outs.  Hmmm...not interested.

Then I got to the catalog with MY name on it.  It was called 'Easy Comforts' and the cover featured diabetic socks.  I'll be honest, I LIKE socks that don't leave rings around my ankles so I looked further.  There were salves and ointments and colorful canes.  Also featured were pill crushers and granny shoes and walkers and large bibs.  I thought to myself, Gosh I wonder when the kids will start buying this stuff for Larry and me.

Then I turned the page, and right there under the bladder control panties I saw it.

Something that I had only heard about in Sex and the City.

Something that made me blush.

Yep, it was the "rabbit".  (A personal (ahem) body massager.)

Ummm,,,Go Granny???

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  1. This was a good day to read your blog Kim. :)

    I think you've dropped enough hints on where to buy your Xmas gifts from.