Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sassy Pants

I had a pair of sassy pants once.

It was 1973 and it was the summer I turned 16.  That summer was a glorious time.  Those pants were a birthday gift from an older friend and unlike anything I ever had in my rather limited closet. 

The sassy pants were high waisted, big belled and cuffed, of course.  They were made with a hot pink plaid cotton fabric which I wore with a little white lace body suit and a thin pink patent leather belt to cinch my waist even more.  I had a tiny waist and a great (or so I was told) rear end and I weighed less than I ever had as a teenager.  (And adult too as far as that goes...)

They were a pair of hot pink plaid awesomeness!!!

I felt like I could rule the world in those pants.

I've tried to think if I ever felt that powerful in anything else that I've worn.

Not so far.

Maybe you only get one pair of truly sassy pants in your life.

What do (did) yours look like?

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