Monday, January 27, 2014

Sorry to Interrupt Your Monday...

Sorry to Interrupt Your Monday...

But I just watched Sommersby again.

And I am sad to say, they still haven't found a loophole.  Or an appeal.

Jack Sommersby still died.

I've been watching this movie for twenty years.

And he always dies.

You may go back to your previously scheduled Monday.

I am going to wipe my eyes and go back to mine.


Saturday, January 25, 2014

It's the Little Things

Last night we were all upstairs tucked into various beds watching Despicable Me 2.

Obviously the grandbabies were spending the night.

The opening scene has a huge magnet that draws everything metal up into space.  And as I was watching it, my menopause addled brain had a thought - 

Me:  Wow!  If there really was a magnet that size would it mess with the polar axis?

Larry:  uh, no.

Me:  But were you impressed that I used the phrase "polar axis" in a sentence?

Larry: well, yeah.

HA!     Still surprising him after 34 years!!!!!

aren't we cute??

Friday, January 24, 2014

Corrupting Our Nations Youth - One at a Time

Last week we were getting ready for Miss Audrey to move back in.  
Sue and Larry and I painted.
Sue and Lance and I cleared out the room.  And oops Larry too.
Grey and Neve even got in the action and helped move things out and up and down the stairs and  the pulled up painters tape that I had painstakingly placed on the baseboards.

BTW - Taping things in prep for painting is going to be my new job in hell.  Just sayin.

So with all that hard work they deserved a little time.
After we had ordered Neve asked if she could get some Crocs. We looked and couldn't find any on Amazon.

Then she said "Don't they have a or something like that?"

Indeed they do.

When I go to the website it always says "Welcome Kimberlee!"  

So off we went to

And in the sale section we found PINK HELLO KITTY crocs that were sheepskin lined!!

Well of course we ordered them.

They came in this morning and they are just as cute as can be.

Corrupting the nation - one pair of Crocs at a time.....

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Start as You Mean to Go On

I've always heard that for the New Year you should "start as you mean to go on".

And since we've had the grandkids over for New Years Eve for the last few years, we figure that we're starting the New Year out just fine.

However, let me tell you about last night.

We hadn't seen the kids in a couple of weeks - we went out of town and then they went to Wisconsin.  

So while they were gone Larry and I were living life kinda crazy....staying up until almost 9 pm...  (That's the earliest we could risk putting the dogs to bed)  

Last night we were yawning by about 7 pm.

OK.  We're old.

Then it came up on 8pm and the kids shown absolutely NO signs of slowing down.  We figured that it was time to take some slow down measures.

"Neve", I asked, "would you like to put your nightgown on and then put lotion on your legs?"
"Sure Mimi" she replied.
So I am sitting in a chair and she puts her foot on my thigh which puts her knee pretty much level with her nose.
I tried to remember the last time that I could stand on one foot with my other leg hitched up to the sky and 1) not immediately fall over or 2) not be shrieking in pain as my hip sockets broke.  I turned around to Larry and said "when was the last time that you could stand like that?"  He just shook his head in wonder.
Neve looked up at us and said kind of nostalgically - "I used to be able to put my leg up higher, but that was last year...."

Last year.  When she was three.


Neve playing with the Nutcracker while the universe was imploding with Grey...

Playing hard

They didn't drift off until after midnight when I finally put on The Bishops Wife which (thank God) bored them to death. I had been drifting off and on thru 3 sets of Max and Ruby, one episode of Doc McStuffins and Despicable Me 2.  Larry, Lucy and Ellie and Scottie Jane had been upstairs asleep since 9:20.
Our resolution for 2014??  Learn to stay up past 9:00!!!!!