Thursday, August 30, 2012

Electronic Family (Outside Flowers for the Wedding)

Larry and I ran over to Costco today to pick up some mums to decorate the grounds at Mary and Lance's wedding.  They were a good price and still tightly budded, so in in T -30 days, we can expect beautiful flowery mums!

Here's what we looked like at Costco....Yes, we had TWO flat carts!!!

 And then when we got home and took all the bags off ....

So I texted Shayne:

Me:  Here's what 20 mums look like:

Shayne:  Damn!!!

Me:  And here's what loading, unloading, unwrapping and watering 20 mums looks like:

Shayne:  HaHaHaHa!  Nice!

(And if anyone has any large flower pots that they'd like to donate we will be there for you!  We'll even pick them up!!!)

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