Thursday, July 31, 2014

Conversations with the Grandkids

I have been working with Grey and Neve on a new fun concept.
It's called "pick up your toys when you are done playing".
Admittedly, it is a concept that should have been drilled in their heads several years ago, but hey, I am still new at this grandmother gig.
So today we, I mean they, worked on picking up what I like to call Barbie-land-from-hell.
(I know what to call it because Mary and Audrey used to make the same mess.)
(In fact, most of the Barbie stuff IS Mary and Audreys....)
As usual, they were very reluctant to pick stuff up.

It took a lot of encouragement on my part.

But they finally got it done!

Then Neve came over with the Danny doll from the New Kids On The Block, and asked if i could put his Army pants on.  As I struggled to pull the nylon camo pants up the plastic legs, I couldn't help but notice that Danny was still wearing the Brenda from 90210 doll's teal bikini bottoms.
Not being a judgmental person, I merely figured that life is a series of journeys...and Danny was on one strange journey.

We then had the following discussion - 

Neve:  Mimi, I need to make a mess.
Me: What? Why??
Neve:  I need to find the carnade for Ken (Danny).
Grey: Neve, it's a GRENADE!!
Me:  Where are the grenades?  (Sadly knowing the answer.)
Neve: In the bottom of the Barbie tub.
Grey: Why does he need a grenade anyway?
Neve: He needs a garnade because he needs to FIGHT!!!

I wonder where his boots are?
 As a matter of fact, I've seen his undies.

Yep, he may need to fight.....

Check out that smile....

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Things That Mom Forgot To Tell Me

My two daughters are both teetering on the brinks of life changing experiences.

Mary is ready to have baby Henry.  She has been busy feathering her little nest, getting things "just so" for her new little one.  And her new life.

So I took her shopping for a new nightgown and robe because my mom said that it is criminal to go to the hospital for a new baby with an old robe.....

Audrey is ready to move to Australia to live with her love Joel.  She is busy packing and putting things in storage and trying to feather her new nest with just two suitcases.  Two suitcases to start her new life.

So I've tried to be encouraging and helpful because my mom said that you have to be supportive and let them go and get a belly-full.....

But mom never told me what to do when my baby girl excitedly calls to tell me that it's almost time, that it is down to mere hours.  She is finally going to meet the new love of her life.

And mom never told me what to do when I walk into my other baby's room and see that it is nearly all packed up and I realize that it is almost time. Just a couple weeks away.  She is finally going to live with the love of her life.

She never told me how to deal with this overwhelming surge of love and fear and protectiveness.  This wanting to grab both of them in my arms and shield them from life for just a few minutes longer....

They might be grown women, but they are still my babies.

Henry Ellis says:

 "All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on."

Thanks, mom, for not telling me.

I probably wouldn't have listened anyway.....