Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Grey was Funny Even Back Then

When Auntie Audreys' rent got jacked up in 2009, she graciously offered to move back in with Larry and I.  Audrey reasoned that we would need help with the dogs etc., since Mary had just moved out.  

We said uh huh, sure.  

The day she moved back in, Mary and Lance were out of town, Shayne and Jess were on a little surprise anniversary trip (thanks Aunt Vivi!!) and with the two babies and Shayne's two beagles, not to mention Lucy and Ellie, and the five less than understanding cats, Larry thought he'd beat feet and head to Kentucky.  (Yes, he pulled the "visit my sick mom" card.)  So it was just the hounds and cats and babies and I when the U-Haul pulled in.

We helpfully watched from the window.

The following facebook conversation regarding the move still cracks me up.

And it is hard to find a cuter picture of my grandbabies.

(By the way, Audrey looked over the situation and immediately found another place to stay that weekend.  Did I mention that all four of the dogs were still working on housebreaking, and Neve was going thru her infamous barf on everything phase???)

the cutest little Stalkers ever!!!

September 15, 2009 

Baby Neve and big brother Grey watching Aunt Audrey.

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