Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One Month to the Wedding - OMG I NEED SHOES!!!

I love shoes.  

I adore shoes.

I am jealous of my daughters shoes and I "walk" vicariously thru them

I wear Crocs.  And Keds.  And sneakers.

I just got out of the habit of wearing heels.  I wore a pair of what I thought would be comfy heels to a tea with Larry and Audrey and Neve in April.  I staggered home and had to take a percocet.

For Mary and Lance's engagement party, I wore these beautiful off-white sensible heels that will go wonderfully with my mother of the bride dress.  I was on percocet for the rest of the weekend, heart-breakingly depleting my stash.

For Shayne and Josh's weddings, I bought a nice pair of Clarks clogs and suffered much verbal abuse from my daughters.  In fact, they came up missing when Mary announced her engagement.

Keds and white socks completed my ensemble for Mary's bridal shower.  I am not going to go into comments made upon the occasion, but they were voiced again when I repeated the outfit at Leah's wedding.

So today, I am going to wake Audrey up, and give her the comfy shoe catalogue that just came in, and tell her to find something appropriate that will go with a blush pink mother of the bride dress.

May God have mercy on my soles....'cause I am out of percocet!!

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