Friday, August 17, 2012

Our Garden

We spent about an hour one sunny afternoon planting zucchini and basil and squash seeds with the grandkids.  (They were all that I could find, having put the rest in a "safe" place.)

Then we patiently watched while the seeds sprouted.

We bought a cute wooden garden frame from Wegmans and put it on the place in the backyard where the ground dipped, then added 10 bags of potting soil.

Larry transplanted the seedlings along with a two tomato plants and a pepper plant that he bought.  It was a very warm day and as I watched from the air conditioning I was a little worried about him.  But he is made of sturdy Oklahoma farmer stock, so he was ok.

Larry also surrounded the garden with a tall white wire fence to discourage the bassets and the wild bunny that visits our backyard.

And Lord has that garden grown!!!  We can almost watch the tomato plants shoot up everyday!

We've had zucchini and pasta, stuffed zucchini, and zucchini bread.  Yummm....

So today I took the grandkids outside so that they could see what they had wrought.

They were less than impressed.  I said Look!!  We can pick a zucchini!!  Um, where did it go... Grey asked if perhaps the zucchini was in my imagination...

I finally found one, reached in and picked it and handed it to Neve, who promptly dropped it because she thought there was an ant on it.

Like I said, less than impressed.

So I came upstairs to take a picture of our crop with Neve - and ran into the age-old problem...

How do you take a picture of someone holding a vegetable with out it looking well, um...skeezy??

This is the 14th shot I took of Neve and the zucchini.  What do you think??

Oh wait a minute...that DOES look as inappropriate as I thought....

OK, Instead, here's a picture of Neve and the garden!!

Much more appropriate!!!
Anyone need any zucchini???

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