Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 22 - Mary's Bachelorette Party Eve

My friend Sue and I like to go on road trips.

Our first road trip was when we lived on the Eastern Shore. We left our kids behind and went to Williamsburg.  Well, most of the kids - I was pregnant with Mary.  Mary has since then always tried to come along with Sue and me, sitting quietly in the back, listening to us talk.

Tomorrow we are going on an entirely different road trip with Mary - we are taking her and a group of lady friends to Baltimore for her Awesome 80's Bachelorette Party.  

We've rented a 12 passenger van and have been instructed that we (Sue and I) need to keep eyes front and to pay no attention to what drinking activities might be going on in the back of the van, sort of along the lines of "what happens in the back of the van stays in the back of the van".   Sue and I don't drink much, but we have both raised teen-aged boys who partied and are well versed in the 'don't ask questions that you really don't want the answers to' theory of child rearing, so we're good.

(We did remind the party girls that what (ahem) comes up in the back of the van gets cleaned up by the back of the van....)

(Please refer to the "raised teen-aged sons who partied" reference above.)

Mary made us a delightful map book for our various destinations, along with restaurant suggestions and the closest theater that is playing 'Hope Springs'.  

Sue and I talked last night and made up an unofficial agenda for the evening:

1)  I pick up Sue in Manassas.
2)  We drive to DC and pick up the party-ers at their hotel.
3)  We drop off said party-ers at the concert site.
4)  We have dinner at P.F. Changs.
5)  We have dessert (maybe take-out?) at the Cheesecake Factory.
6)  We go and see 'Hope Springs'. (We plan to admire Tommy Lee Jones and make comments re Meryl Streep's hair.)
7)  We pick up the party girls and deliver them back to the hotel.

We think we have a pretty good agenda.  Sue did bring up the fact that what with dinner and dessert and the movie, we may be late to pick up the girls.  I said I feel that if we are late maybe the girls will take some initiative and perhaps make some money whilst they are standing on the street corner...I mean, gas for the van doesn't pay for itself...

So I told Sue that I'm planning to pick her up at 5:00pm. Sue reminded me that maybe I should pick her up earlier since I've never driven a 12 passenger van before.  

Oh, I said.  I hadn't thought of that.

So tomorrow evening, if you see a white 12 passenger van driving in the fast lane on I-95 going 45 miles an hour with the right blinker on, just smile and wave!  

Sue will wave fingers will be tightly white knuckling the steering wheel.

And the party girls will be all fabulously decked out in awesome 80's attire, hoping that we'll get to Baltimore before the concert is over.

Oh dear Lord.  Mary is getting married in 22 days!!!

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