Wednesday, September 5, 2012

24 Days til the Wedding - Momma's Little Helper

Here we are, 24 days til the wedding and we are in full on wedding mode!  And our little cat Sminky is right there along 'side us, supervising, making thoughtful comments, keeping us straight.

Don't forget, you offered me editorial control....

Not everybody knows this, but Sminky is actually Mary's cat.  When Mary was a manager at PetSmart, a guy brought in this little bitty 4 week old kitten and asked that they put her in the adoption section.  Mary explained that they couldn't, but SHE would keep her, and Sminky sat on her shoulder mewling the rest of her shift.  We bottle fed her for the next three weeks (I hadn't started working yet, so she was my day job.)  Since she had to be fed often, she went along with us if we went somewhere and became quite accustomed to people.  In fact, she thinks she's a person.

She feels like she's in charge of:

Milk Purity.

Are you sure this isn't a white Russian??

 Cleanliness of the house

Are you planning to clean this up anytime soon??

Computer Content.

This better not be porn....

And Crockpot Sanitation.

Looks like you missed a spot....

And now with Mary's wedding coming up, it seems like Sminky's work is never done -

Here she is helping count saucers and bread plates

One, two, trois, eleventytwelve...what???

Making sure that there is enough silver

You are slacking in the polishing department...Get busy!!

And checking out the quality of the linens.

I found a spot.  Get the bleach ready!!

It must be tiring, keeping track of everything that is going on with the wedding, plus making the time to keep the rest of the cats in line...

I need a vacation...

All she asks in return is that we treat her like the royalty that she obviously is.

I left my crown somewhere around here.....

And feed her lots of ham.


  1. Oh Sminky you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Sminky, hey Sminky

    1. At last, says Sminky, Someone who totally understands....

  2. I love this cat! Never a dull moment with the Jewish Latina Princess Sminky!