Sunday, September 23, 2012

6 Days til the Wedding - Getting Stuff Done

Yesterday was a productive day and today is looking to be just as busy!

Larry H. and Larry T. and Lance put on their big boy pants and cleared out brush and undergrowth at the lake house.  And smelled a burning pan in Grandma Edies kitchen before it was too late.  And butt dialed and butted TEXTED me several times!

Mary and Audrey got in touch with their inner ironing divas and brought out dueling irons and ironing boards out and ironed 200+ napkins!!!  Mary came in at about 2 to 1 to Audrey.  Of course the nap Audrey took in the middle of it all cut down her productivity just a bit...

I finished washing, drying, and buffing the last of the silver.  Then I went thru the linens and picked out the doilies and the runners etc and finished washing and drying all the tablecloths.

Our hairdresser was on the ball and called Mary around 8am..."What road is the lake house on??"  Mary said "Why?" Jennifer said,"well, I'm here!!".  Oops.  Evidently, Bonita, Lance's aunt told Jennifer that she would see her on Saturday....  Double Ooops.

Mary and I bundled up the baby cats and took them to see Dr, M.  We came out happier than we went in!  Yes, the babies are going to still take alot of work, but what they have isn't contagious to Humans or Basset Hounds!!!  AND Dr M. will board them while we are at the wedding!!  SCORE!!!

you'll notice the protective layer of chicken wire around the bottom of the crate...we allow no runaways!!!

Audrey pulled an all-nighter and did amazing collage-ing and paper crafts which I am sure she will blog about, so I'll leave that to her.

After all this silver polishing I officially have no nails left.  Sweet!  I'll save money and skip the manicure.

The stupid mums have nearly all bloomed.  You just can't trust a mum to look at the calendar.

The Nats won, the Hokies won and the Braves beat the Phillies!!  All in all a great sports day!!

So for today - 

Larry and Lance are off to the Nats game. 

Amy Haynes is coming by to practice Mary and Audreys' wedding make up.

Melanie and Victoria are coming by to help out.

We hope to - 

Finish the programs

Count the silver

Start the tablecloths

Perhaps pack the plates


And feed the kittens.

Wish us luck!!

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  1. oops, I wimped out & didn't come to help after all. I'm sure I will be making up for this soon. It seems my daughter Elizabeth was my excuse this time......