Saturday, September 22, 2012

7 Days til the Wedding?? I Demand a Recount!!!

So this weekend we are going to iron tablecloths and napkins and do a final silver count.

Why, do you ask, did I wait so long to iron tablecloths?  Well, we were going to take them to the drycleaners, but she kept telling Larry that she couldn't give him an estimate until he could give her exact measurements.  So we finally measured them all and the dry cleaning lady said no problem, and consulting a list that she never said she had told Larry that it would cost between $15 and $25 per tablecloth!!!  So I have numerous half damp rolls of tablecloths residing in my fridge ready to be ironed. (We are doing this old school.  The starch and hot iron hits that cool damp linen and they just shine!!)

There isn't anything that smells better than freshly starched and ironed linens, so i am looking forward to the process!!

And did I mention that the baby kitties are back, and they are sicker than they were last week?
We have an appointment with our vet this morning and we plan to ask hard questions.  Especially after I spoke with the sweet little babies vet last night in Westminster.  I didn't know that they also have some sort of condition that is contagious to my other pets.  I have a bleach load going of all the clothes I wore yesterday while handling them and all the hand towels we used with them.)  Please think about us at 11:30.

Here is a shot of the peanut butter pretzel jar.  It would've been even lower, but someone moved the jar and I lost track of them.

Oh yeah, we have to pack the plates, too......

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