Saturday, September 22, 2012

Audrey and My Favorite Stephen King Moment

As you may know, we had a little death at our house last week.  
It was such a sad moment, little Mini was really sweet.
It brought me back to 1994 when we lived in Texas.
I was on the phone with my next door neighbor and we were chatting about nothing, just passing a few minutes away before we had to buckle down and get supper started and homework done.
Right in the middle of our conversation, Audrey came in and asked where our Bible was.  I told her and she and her friend Jamie went running off.
A few minutes later, Audrey and Jamie came in and asked where the shovel was.  I told her and thought to myself - well, at last they are playing outside.
Then Audrey came in and asked - way too casually - Mom, where did you guys bury Lisa?  (Lisa was our recently deceased guinea pig).
All of a sudden it sunk in what Audrey was doing and I told Michelle, I've got to go!!  You see, Audrey had just watched Pet Sematary the night before.  As far as I knew, she was planning a Resurrection and I just couldn't deal with a half crazy guinea pig! 
So I divested her of the shovel and Bible and resolved to tell Larry to find a new place to bury Lisa

Lisa didn't need to come back.