Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our 32nd Valentines Day

Since this is our 32nd Valentines Day together and since we had that nice joint birthday party for Lance and Shayne Sunday night AND since we went ALL OUT in 2010 (Spent THREE nights at the Inn at Meander Plantation) neither of us were upset that we kind of hmmm... well.... phoned it in this year

We started our day of lovin' this morning when I stumbled downstairs before LT left just so I could tell him happy V Day before he left for work.  (Then I staggered to the couch and fell right back to sleep.)  It IS the thought that counts, after all...

Then I got to work and sent him a lovely email with a couple of romantic sonnets by William Shakespeare.  (Actually I just forwarded Garrison Keillors' The Writer's Almanac for February 14, 2012, which featured said sonnets.)

His reply was so romantic.  So Sweet.  Let's see if you can guess where each quote comes from.  (There might be a prize...)


Oh my…..if the sky were parchment and the sea ink I could not begin to describe my love for you (oooooohhhh, wasn’t THAT nice….???)

For if it be widely said, and widely writ, if I be furniture, you’ll always have a place to sit!!

I do love you so,

Happy Valentines Day!!


Wasn't that sweet?

 He brought me candy in a nice basset-y box!  And a lovely card!  Then he unloaded the dishwasher!

OK, so maybe I was the one who phoned it in....

I'll do better next year.

By the way....
1st quote - Garfield's Christmas
2nd quote - Moonlighting 'Taming of the Shrew'
3rd quote - Raising Arizona


  1. ewwww, I don't want to read about my dad giving you places to sit.

    Shame on you, floozie.

    1. also, you two are adorable :)

    2. I"m all for the phone myself. Happy VDay!