Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Grocery Stores are the Reward for Being a Good Mom

My mom used to tell me that grocery stores are the reward for being a good mom.  She would tell me that every time I visited her in Florida.  Mom especially liked to go to the store when the babies were little.  All those old people!!  Mom was always the winner in that cute grandkid contest that every grandmother played.  (Now I always win!)

So here I was a couple of Mondays ago - the only one in the house, the receiver of some bad news and in the need of some comfort - so immediately I thought To the Grocery Store!!  (I DID need milk and Downy and a couple of giant bottles of aquafina.)

But which one?

1)  The Commissary.  Hands down my favorite.  It is the scene of my early wifehood, early momhood....I spent 21 plus years shopping at the commissary almost exclusively and I miss it terribly.  BUT it is over an hour away...

2) Wegmans.  Ahh. It is my happy place.  I LOVE strolling down the aisles, sipping my latte, looking at all the cool stuff...feeling just a little superior...AND the babies and I love watching the train.

3) Trader Joes.  I LOVE this place!  Larry and I feel like true DINK's (Double Income No
Kids) when we are there.  If it was closer we would shop there always.  Alas, it was also too far away.

4)  Giant.  Well I go there when I have to deposit a check for my job.  Or if I want giant bottles of aquafina water.  (It is the closest place that sells them at a reasonable price.)  Or on a day like today when I am just pants and a hoodie away from rolling out of bed. 

I think that there is a little unspoken dress code for Wegmans.  Giant is more of a come-as-you are-we-just-want-your-money kind of place.

And I also think that if one would walk into Wegmans, hear a sad song playing whilst perusing the veggies and burst into tears, well, it might be frowned upon.

No even noticed at the Giant.

So, $233.00 worth of comfort later, I felt better.

Except I forgot the Downy.

So I sent Larry to Wegmans.  He was dressed appropriately.


  1. Yeah, put a man in jodpurs and spurs & he shows us girls up, NOT! Although he is a FINE specimen of manhood. And Brumbie is ok too.

  2. Poor you. I love the grocery store too. I'd love to come visit sometime, especially now that Audrey is back.