Sunday, February 5, 2012

Conversations w the Grandkids 1

Neve and grey are getting more verbal and even more entertaining...

Grey and Neve were making 'Green Chicken Chili' at their little table.  Grey very heatedly tells Neve "you didn't put in the ingredients in the the right order!"
That made me wonder... did she add the dominoes too soon?  Or the monopoly pieces?

I was coming down the stairs and Neve says "I want mommy."   So I tell her "Oh sweetie you want your mommy?  I can take you to her."  And Neve rolls her eyes and says very distinctly "I. Want. Money."   Hmm...In that case, I guess she does want her mommy...

I came running down the stairs with my wet hair in a towel.  I asked Grey to hand me my oil of olay lotion.  As I was taking the towel off my head Grey asked "What's this lotion for?"  I said "To make Mimi beautiful!  Isn't it working?"  Grey says "uh, no."

I guess I'd better get some stronger lotion!!!

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  1. ohhhh with the ability to speak comes the ability to become a smart ass...