Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2nd Generation Potato Soup

One of the nicer things about a two person nest is the ability to prepare foods the way YOU want to.  Not that I catered to my kids every whim...Far from that!!  I just knew that they didn't care for onions or peppers or mushrooms that much when they were younger, so I'd chop the dreaded ingredients a little finer, or add a little less....

Tonight I wanted potato soup like my mom made.  With nice big recognizable pieces of onion in a nice milky broth.  Yummm!!
My mom made great potato soup!  Potatoes, onions, bacon, milk, salt and pepper.  Her potatoes were always perfectly diced into little squares - something I have NEVER been able to replicate!

I wonder if that is how HER mom made it?  Mom never talked about Grandma Mylott's cooking.  My Grandma Mylott was a strange fish.  Johanna Maria Modine Bohannon Gibson Mylott. 

I remember my dad talking about one dinner Grandma Mylott cooked in particular - she made hamburgers and put the last one on his plate.  He told her he was full and didn't want it and left it.  When he got up the next morning and asked what was for breakfast she pulled his plate out of the fridge and told him that first he had to finish his supper.  He told my mom let's go and they never ate at her house again.

But I digress.

I sent my potato soup recipe to Audrey a couple of weeks ago.  (Third generation potato soup?)
After she made it she said the same thing I said to my mom..."it was great, but it wasn't yours!"

Tonight I made my potato soup JUST like my moms. 

Well, except I added some chicken broth and some celery and lots of broccoli and some Velveeta.  And my potatoes were chopped in large chunks which I mostly mashed along with the broccoli.

                                       See! Just like mom used to make.  Sort of...

But the broth was light and the onions were plentiful...

Just like mom's.

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