Thursday, February 23, 2012

Early Morning Phone Calls

Phone calls in the early morning generally do not bode well.

As in:  "Mom's gone."
As in: "Hurry, pop is fading."
As in: "I thought you should know that Shayne just called to say good-bye."

These kinds of phone calls require immediate action:

As in: Call Bo and run to Florida.
As in: Pack and run to Kentucky.
As in: Find Shayne quickly and run to a hospital.

So on Monday when the phone rang at 7am I knew it wasn't good news.

The break-up was supposed to friendly.  It was supposed to end in April.  But breaking hearts hastened the end and now we need to get there by Friday to help her move.
So on Friday, dad and big brother will do the hard part and pack her up and bring her home.
Then mom and big sister will do the hard part and try to console her and apply the odd emotion bandage.
Then this little sister, baby daughter, grown woman will do the hard part.and try to start over and deal with the what ifs and if onlys and what will I do now.

Early morning phone calls suck.

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