Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Neve's Very Loud Day

          Or How I Got a Mani Pedi with a Red Marker

We started out the morning with two half awake grandparents crawling down the stairs, hoping to have an IV or two of coffee before the babies hopped down the stairs and into their morning.

Our wish was not granted.

Neve started out watching Ice Age - Dinosaurs ROAR!  (Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs for those not in the know.)  Remember Garrett Morris on SNL?  His News for the Hearing Impaired where he shouted the news whilst Chevy Chase read the news?  Well, that's how we watched Ice Age for the first 20 minutes.  Neve repeated EVERY line at top volume!

Then they built a protective barrier with their cozy coupes so that the "crokerdials" wouldn't get them.   "What about us?" we asked.  "Crokerdials are gonna get you!" Neve replied.  Like really loudly.  We were kind of looking for the crokerdials ourselves at this point.  If not for just a little relief.

Then it was magic time!  Yes, The Pioneer Woman Cooks comes on at 10am and Larry was ready and waiting with his ever present coffee cup.  By that time  Neve was coloring a valentine with a red marker so I called her over.  I drew a flower on the back of her hand, which charmed her into silence.  Then she wanted to draw one on my hand.  Then she started "painting" my nails with said marker.  With great deliberation and concentration and sweet blessed silence!!!  She moved on to my toe nails and I didn't even care.  She then moved on to Grey and HE is the one who drew snowflakes on her legs, but hey, it washes off.

And we got to watch the Pioneer Woman in relative peace.  Crokerdials notwithstanding.

We ended our morning by heading out to Costco, with Neve practicing her squealing in the backseat.  I finally said "Sweetie!!  You have GOT to stop squealing!!  You are killing Poppop's ears!"  And she looked at me so innocently and told me " Mimi, all he has to do is put his hands over his ears - like this"  

Well why didn't we think of THAT?

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  1. Obviously Poppop ought to know that old trick by now!