Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Sound in the Night

Grey and Neve have their own little beds in our room.

We started this when they were babies and we know it's time to move them to the guest room and we will.  Eventually.

On Friday nights after Popop helps Grey and Neve brush their teeth we watch a movie.  

 This week I called down and said hey, do you want to watch Megamind?  Grey said no, I don't like Megamind.  Neve said Yes!! I love Megamind! I want to watch Megamind! I miss Megamind!  Let's watch it right now!!!  So, we watched Megamind.

Grey had had a sinus infection all week and still had a cough.  After the movie we got him comfortable, then we all went to sleep.  We woke up a couple of times when he was coughing, but he settled down quickly.

Then, about 3:45am we heard this weird sound.  A kind of quiff quiff sound.  Like someone couldn't breathe.  Like GREY couldn't breathe.  We broth jumped up and frantically turned on our lights, convinced that Grey was desperately trying to breathe, trying to remember how to do a tracheotomy with an ink pen....

And Grey was sleeping peacefully.

And Paulie the cat was hacking up a hairball.

Paulie was quickly thrown out of our room, Larry and I managed to restart our hearts, and we slept peacefully the rest of the night.


We HATE it when they are sick!!!

Paulie feels that he is the real victim in all this....

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