Thursday, November 1, 2012

Electronic Family - Masters of the Obvious

My friend Sue and I had a quick phone conversation today.  

Quick because I was on my way to work, and quick because even though Sue is officially retired  (I am not at ALL jealous...) she was busy packing and getting ready to go visit young Charlie.  Oh and Matt and Mandy and Charlie's furry brother Mitch.

Sue:  So are you working from home today?

Me:  Not anymore, but Audrey will be there.

Sue: Oh, good!  Then I can run over and bring your plates back.

Me:  It's ok, Sue.  You can wait until you get back...I have a couple of other dishes that I can use until then....

Me  Oh that reminds me, i need to bring back 3 more of your tablecloths!

Sue:  That's ok.  Take your time!  I only have one table!!

That must be why we are such good friends...

We have back-ups!!!

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