Friday, October 12, 2012

The Hardest Thing for a Dad to Do

While we were watching Shayne marrying Jessica, I was preparing to dab my eyes with my hankie.  Suddenly said hankie was yanked out of my hands and used by Larry to wipe HIS eyes.

I knew we were going to have problems.

While we were watching joshua marry Colletta, Larry stood up with Josh and the groomsmen and blamed the blazing sun for his watery eyes.

I knew we were really going to have problems.

So when we got all ready for Mary's wedding, I wasn't surprised when Larry was worried about making it down the aisle.

Afterwards, I was pulled aside by not less than 3 guys who said "What was Larry so mad about as he was going down the aisle?  He was just scrowling!"

That isn't a scrowl, ladies and gentlemen.

Oh no. 

He wasn't scrowling.

Larry was trying not to weep outloud.

I KNEW we were going to have problems.

I am SO glad that I wasn't the one handing our baby girl over.

I think that when it comes to Audrey's wedding, we may have to rent her some stand-in parents.

Because Larry and I will be the ones in the corner, weeping.


I knew we were going to have problems.

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