Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Wedding. The Clean-up at Home

Let me just state right now for the record - after washing too many tubs of dirty dishes, silver and HUGE bags of dirty linens, Audrey and I will probably never eat romaine lettuce again. 

And let me also state for the record - somehow it turned out to be just Audrey and I doing the dishes...(Larry helped with the first batch of silver.)


We packed all the dirty silver in several ziplock bags, we sandwiched the semi-scraped plates between Styrofoam plates and packed them willy-nilly in plastic tubs and bagged all the dirty linens in heavy plastic bags for the trip home.

So far, only ONE broken plate!!  And that was just before the wedding when a vase fell on a salad plate.  AMAZING!!  Of course, until they are all put away neatly downstairs, the clock is still ticking.  Right now, my kitchen and dining room tables are stacked high with gleaming clean plates, and shiny clean silver.  And I have hampers of freshly bleached NOT IRONED linens.


I am still processing all the memories of Mary's wonderful wedding.

The day was just gorgeous.

Mary was incredibly beautiful.  So was Audrey.  And Neve.  And all the bridesmaids.

Larry was, well, Larry was sooooo handsome.  But then, I am SUCH a sucker for a man in uniform....

So now it is back to scrubbing and soaking and bleaching.

And a little reflecting...

We were really sad that when we picked up our basset and kitten babies from the vet it was very clear that sweet little Chessie was going to die.  Before they brought the kittens out they said that they were doing fine - playing with each other and eating well.  As Chessie could barely hold her head up I had to wonder which kittens they were talking about.

So yesterday Larry and I took the day off and had lunch out and went shopping at FT Belvoir and then went to Carrabbas to celebrate the 33rd anniversary of our first date.

And today I am in a more cheerful mood and able to realize that I did all I could for Chessie - but she was just too sick.

And that some people just can't be pleased.

So I am going to do what my friend Sue said: 

"Kim just take a minute and look around at the fairyland that you have created."

And THAT is what I am going to remember.  

I'll be writing more about the absolutely breath-taking wonderful wedding that we all worked so hard on.  And thanking the many people that spent so much time and effort helping us make this dream come true.

And that Teddy won and the Nats are in the post season!!!

But now, I am going to hold my breath and finish the silver and wash the last of the romaine down the sink!!!

It is true.  Neve IS a whirling dervish.  And doesn't Grey look dapper??

Larry and Mary going down the aisle.  Larry trying not to cry out loud.

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