Friday, October 5, 2012

Conversations with the Grandkids

Neve was the backseat observer of life today.

On her grandma JuJu's birthday:

Neve: Today is my grandma JuJu's birthday!
Me: Oh my goodness!
Neve: No, MY grandma!

On Fine Art:

Me: (to Larry) So it wasn't a Mucha, it was a Klimt.  I took a shot.
Neve: Oh wasn't a Mucha at all!!!

Water Serpents

On the annoying buzz that the tie-down straps made on top of the car today:

Neve: What is that noise??
Me:  Sounds like bees, huh?
Neve: They must be some BIG bees!!

On singing the Johnson song:

Me: Neve, lets sing the Johnson's baby song!
Neve:  Oh Mimi, that song is boring.
Me: (to Larry) What?  She's bored already??

On the absence (death) of Chessie:

Neve:  There's Scottie.  Where's the black one?
Me: Um, Honey, she went home.
Neve: Well, let's go get her!!

On semi-nudity:

Neve:  I need my jammies! I spilt lemonade on my skirt!
Me: I'll get them in a minute, just take of your skirt and run around in your undies!
Neve: PopPop!  help me take off my shirt so that I can run around in my undies!

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