Thursday, April 26, 2012

What Could Be Better Than Oreos?

 A couple of weeks ago Grey had a not-even-realized-dream come true... his Aunt Miss Audrey took him - just him!! to TARGET all by himself  to buy the Lego Hero Factory that he had been talking INCESSANTLY about all day.  Did I say incessantly?  That doesn't even seem to cover the amount of time spent on that particular subject....

So we told Neve that he was going and that they would get her a surprise, but she was marveling that Mimi rented HOP the movie for her and she barely even noticed him leaving.

I should have known that it wouldn't last.

Neve came out of her I love HOP coma and said WHERE Grey?  I want to go Target!  


So I pulled out the emergency vintage Ballerina cake toppers that I bought at the Back in the Day Bakery when I went to Savannah with my friend Sue for Mandy's baby shower.

Neve was charmed.  She wanted to know what they were for and I told her that they were to decorate cakes or cupcakes.  So she decided it was time to make cupcakes.

Damn.  I walked right into that.

As I had neither the cake mix or more importantly, the desire to make cupcakes I thought for a couple of minutes and remembered that we had OREOS!!  and squirt-y PINK FROSTING!!!  And a pretty pretty pink depression glass cake stand.

So here's the technique - squirt pretty pink frosting on top of an Oreo.  Place on pretty pink cake plate, then let your grandbaby shove a Ballerina on top.  Then watch as she takes the ballerina off and eats the Oreo.  And then repeats the procedure...

Neve REALLY likes Oreos!   

Then Grey came back and it turns out that he likes Oreos wth pink frosting and ballerinas too!

Go figure.

And he had a very successful Target foray!!

After that we all went in and - God Help Me - we watched HOP.  

For the second time.

P.S. Turns out that Grey and Neve's mom and dad like pretty pink frosted Oreos with Ballerinas on them.  
However, they chose not to be photographed...

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