Sunday, April 29, 2012

Five Months

My daughter Mary is getting married in 5 months.  

Our house is filling up with vintage china and linens and silver plate and mikglass vases and lacy hankies....  

Ok, anyone who knows me even a little knows that my house was already reasonably full of that kind of stuff.  Now there are even more lovely things....

And now it is filling up with dresses: Wedding, bridesmaid, flower girl, mother-of-the-bride...
And a beautiful wispy veil, and the current in-favor wedding shoes....

Oh and wedding cake shaped bottles of bubbles and little silver bells and votive candle holders and little tealights and many strings of white lights and and picture frames....

And so many hopes and plans and dreams...

Today Mary and I had a rare mother and daughter day.  We started out by going to see Titanic.  We just had to.  it was my first 3-D movie and I was reasonably impressed.  I have to admit that we forgot how LONG it took that boat to sink!  Was he filming it in real time or what??? We had lunch and hit Michaels for a little bit of wedding shopping.

Then we hit my spare room to inventory my cloth napkins for the reception.

I love vintage linens.  And I have been collecting them for QUITE a while.

I filled a hamper and we took it downstairs and started counting.
We counted out 210 dinner napkins and 114 cocktail napkins.  We figured, ok, we just won't be too picky about the design or fabric.
So then we went back upstairs and moved some stuff from the front of the china closet and pulled all the napkins off the napkin shelf.

We ended the count with 424 dinner napkins and 195 cocktail napkins.

Mary said "Wow!  NOW I can be picky!!"

But I can't help but think...Don't I have another stack of napkins somewhere?? 

Up next - TABLECLOTHS!!!!

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