Monday, April 23, 2012

Paula Deen is Dead to Me

My friend Sue and I took off for Savannah a few weeks ago for her daughter-in-law Mandy's baby shower.
("My friend Sue" is the internationally recognised term for my friend Sue Feldmann.  True story!!  I talked about her all the time when I lived in Germany.)

Back when we both got invitations to the shower we had mentioned it in passing to each other.  Then we said hey, maybe we should go.  Then it was I Know!  Let's surprise Mandy!!  Then we remembered what it was like to be 8 months pregnant and decided that Sue would just give her a call.

Matt, Mandy and soon to be Charlie...OH and a statue of the guy who wrote Midnite in the Garden of Good and Evil.

I am a big fan of Mady's blog, MCUBED ( and was excited to see her and Matt and their furry child Mitch.  We got the grand tour and inspected the nursery and petted Mitch profusely.  

I was SOOO excited because that night we were going to eat at The Lady and Sons restaurant. Paula Deens' restaurant!

We hung out for a few minutes in the Paula Deen Store, which is attached to the restaurant.  I couldn't believe it.  I know that you have to strike when the iron is hot, but the level of Paula Deens' self promotion was SO over the top, I started to feel a little uneasy.

We were ushered to the 3rd floor for dinner and we chose the buffet.  What a disappointment.
Just a lot of tired mushy food.  Golden Corral could do it better.  Sue and I could do it better.

What a shame.

Thank goodness we still had the baby shower and more visiting with Matt and Mandy to look forward to!! 

 And a visit to the Back in the Day Bakery!!  We got some great ideas for lights at Mary's wedding.  And the doilies were just too pretty.

Gorgeous Chandeliers!!

Pretty Doilies!!
The  weekend ended way too soon and we can't wait to go back!

But we won't be going to Paula Deen's restaurant....

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