Saturday, April 21, 2012

Trying to Set a Good Example

One of my co-workers, Amy, breezed through the home office this week to work a couple of days, then to head out to New York City to go to her friends' Art Opening.  She brought Christmas presents, a fabulous dress for us to preview, and a breath of fresh air!

The fabulous dress was for the Art Opening, and wow it was gorgeous!!  She asked us for advice about what kind of shoes she should wear with it - and we cheerfully assured her that the higher the heels, the better!!  (It wasn't like WE were going to be traipsing around NYC in sky high heels!)  (Ok, maybe we were a bit jealous that we don't have legs that go on for miles.)

Wow Amy!!  You go, girl!!!
My Christmas present was a great book featuring TWSS (That's What She Said)  It was Michael Scott's favorite phrase back when he was on The Office.  I used to be quite adept at working TWSS into every conversation....

But now that I am a grandmother, and Grey and Neve are soaking up everything we say like little sponges, I've tried to dial it back a bit.  You know, be a better example. Reading the book was like a little visit to yesterday - BG - Before Grandkids....

So yesterday Larry and I were at the Nationals Stadium for a game and as we were wandering to our seats, Larry was very earnestly and VERY seriously explaining some random baseball fact.  He ended his story with "and that's how he would end up with a ball in his face."  Oh my...


Larry laughed all the way to our seats.

Thank you, Amy!!  

Come back soon!  Laura and I miss you like crazy!!!

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