Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Thoughts

Last Friday, Good Friday, Grey and I were chatting about what he learned in school that week.
He said that they learned about words that end with 'et', like pet, get, and his favorite - jet.  We decided that pirate, while not exactly in the 'et' family sure SOUNDED like it should be!

Then we went back to what we had been doing, occasionally throwing out an 'et' word - forget - let - regret - when all of a sudden Grey says "and we can't forget Pilate - you know, he condemned Jesus to death."

I slowly looked up from the coupons I had been browsing thru.

I expected to see a miniature Joel Olsteen sitting there, putting together Legos at his little table.

Grey, Lucy and Neve
 I guess that there are benefits to a good Catholic education...

Speaking of which, on Easter morning TCM had a showing of Godspell.  I love that musical. (Even tho' it is no Jesus Christ Superstar, but really who hasn't sung the song 'Day by Day'?)

Here is my favorite song from Godspell.  It has made me smile for for about (gasp!) forty years now!  You'll notice that Victor Garber plays Jesus.  He is of Alias fame, he also played the ill-fated architect on Titanic.  And there are  really eerie shots of the Twin Towers, way before we thought we had anything to worry about....


And speaking of Pilate, here's a little something from him...


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