Saturday, January 28, 2012

Muddlin' at the Crate and Barrel

Today LT and I were wandering around the ol' Crate and Barrel, seeing how the other half lives.

Basically, I was going from artfully decorated section to even more artfully decorated section like this: OOOOHHHH  LOOK AT THIS!!  LOOK AT THIS!!!

Then I saw it!!!
                                                              A SILICONE MUDDLER!!!!

          I didn't EVEN know I needed one!

And then Larry told me "We don't need this.  You don't even know how to muddle."

Hmmmnnn.  I may not know how to use a muddler, but I am WILLING TO LEARN!!!

But Larry held fast to his resolve and we left shortly afterwards, muddler-less.  The whining was starting to get to us.

Larry hates it when I whine....


  1. how about some cheese with that whine.....gimmee

  2. you could use it when you warm up Gluvine with OJ, and pretend you're muddling!

    1. RIGHT!!!! Or when I make hot chocolate!! I can make it a 'nice muddly brown'....

    2. or the next brumz needs 18 thousand pills that need to be crushed.