Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sing-a-long with the Grandbabies

Our son Shayne should have been a comedian.  He can replicate any voice, any accent, any attitude and take us from giggling to helpless laughter.  (His impersonation of Brad, the girls former horse trainer was epic.  Esp when he moonwalked whilst talking like Brad, ending every statement with a HeeHEE ala Michael Jackson.  Well, you had to be there.)  But his real forte is changing the words to songs.  "How can we be lovers if I can't stand your face?"  is my favorite. And we can't forget when he sang along with the lepers from Jesus Christ Elmo's voice...I am not going to mention the words...this is after all a family post...

                                                   (Shayne and Audrey at Wolf Trap)

I always sing to the grandbabies.  It started with Grey.  He wasn't a cuddly lap baby - he was always busy doing stuff.  HOWEVER, if I plopped him on my lap and sang songs with him he'd stay.  It was also helpful for the long times we'd be stuck in traffic.  Neve on the other hand was the definition of cuddly lap baby and loved to be sung to. 

One day when Neve was about six months old and Grey was a little over three years we were stuck in traffic.  I mean stand still traffic.  And what was worse, Neve's diaper was uncomfortably full and she was inconsolable.  My best songs weren't helping.  Then we launched into Max and Ruby's breakfast song - "Start your day the healthy way, eggs Eggs EGGS!!!"  Nothing.  Then the father took over the son and Grey started singing "Start your day the healthy way blah Blah BLAH!!" and Neve stopped crying.  He sang it again and she started smiling.  By the time he'd sung it about 6 times she was laughing!

It was a traffic miracle!

So last night we were all in the car heading to dinner when Neve started singing about the Johnson's baby.  It is a song I learned when I was 5 and living in Mississippi and goes like this:

      The Johnsons had a baby, they named Tiny Tears.
      They put it in the bathtub to learn it how to float
      It drank all the water, ate all the soap,
      And now the Johnson's baby has bubbles in its throat!! 

We sang it about four times then five year old Grey said HE'D sing it for Neve...

(and I can't beleive that I was surprised...)

      The Johnsons had a baby, they named Tiny Tears.  
      They put it in the bathtub to learn it how to float
      It drank all the water, ate all the soup,
      And now the Johnson's baby has bubbles in its p - - -  

well, as I said, this is a family post...

Neve laughed hysterically...

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  1. haha, I remember when Shayne answered Brad's phone call in the MJ voice. Classic.