Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Old People TV

Shayne called and asked Larry what he was doing.  Larry said "Watching The Secret War."  "What's that?"  Shayne wanted to know,   "It's on the Military Channel."  "Oh," Shayne said.  "Old people TV."


Hey, we're hip.  We know how to DVR stuff.  We watch Beavis and Butthead!  (And the Civil War Journal.)  We watch Archer and Dexter!  (And the Three Stooges.)  We watch Modern Family and Chopped!  (And I rarely watch Walker Texas Ranger anymore.)  I personally Keep up with the Kardashians - and only judge a little - and Teen Mom 2 - well, I judge a bit more, I mean WHAT are they doing with their lives??

But then, we don't watch American Idol.  Or the Amazing Race.  Or the Bachelor.  But we are aware of them and can be polite and watch them with you if we are inadvertantly there when they are on.

We are hip to the preschool shows.  We know what a mouse-ka-tool is.  We can talk Max and Ruby and sing the Fresh Beat songs and hum along with Olivia.  (O - LI - VI - AAAA...)

We watch Project Runway and dream of being related to Tim Gunn. 

                                              Uncle Tim...Has certain ring to it!!!!

Old people TV? 

I don't think so.  We are eclectic and well, sophisticated in our choices, that's all.

I just really wish that I wasn't watching the P. Allen Smith Garden Show when Shayne dropped by later that day....


  1. Hi-- I used to work with Audrey (just so you know I'm not a crazy person) I wanted to let you know that my husband loves the military channel (he's 26) so even if that was the only thing you watched you'd still be hip! LOL

  2. LOL!! My hubby feels much better!! Thanks!!