Monday, January 16, 2012

Meet the Players

My husband Larry and I met 33 years ago in Lexington, KY where I was a divorced single mother and he was a senior at the University of KY.  We were both working at McDonalds - He was the night manager and I was the dayshift manager.  It was pretty much love at second sight and we've been together ever since. 

Larry (or LT), adopted Shayne, my son from my first marriage, we adopted Joshua and after being told I wasn't going to get pregnant, we had Mary 10 months later.  Two years later an Army doctor told me the same thing and we welcomed Audrey about 9 1/2 months after that.

  (We finally figured out how babies are made - Dr's telling us we weren't going to have babies...) 

Larry joined the Army, we moved around a lot and then he retired and we moved to VA to be close to our good friends Sue and Spence.  Larry is a consultant at a think tank near DC, I am an office manager at a small company.  Shayne lives in Manassas and is married to Jess and they have a 5 year old son named Grey and a 21/2 yr old daughter named Neve.  Joshua lives in Maryland and is separated from his wife.  Mary resids in Fairfax with her fiancee Lance and baby Audrey lives with her sweetie Addie in North Carolina. 

You'll notice that they don't live with us.  That was hard to take, and sometimes I feel I've been walking around in suspended animation since Audrey moved last year.

But now it is time to WAKE UP!! 

Get some stuff done!! 

Start cooking again!! 
(Restaurants are soooo nice!!) 

Time to shape up and clear out the cobwebs and get to know my hubby again!!

We'll see how it goes!!!

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