Tuesday, June 4, 2013

One Bad Apple?

We have a little problem here....

Saturday, we went to the fridge to grab some carrots for Brumbie, and the baby carrots had expired.  In April.  The other ones were nearly frozen.

Sunday I went to get a handful of grapes, and well, lets not go there.

Monday the metro was mostly broken and traffic sucked so Larry and I sat out rush hour(s) at Hard Times.  
But later, when I went to take a sip of the bottle of Port on my bedside table, my God, the bottle was empty!!  
(I don't drink a lot, but occasionally I like a sip of Port at bedtime.  In my defense, the bottle was 3 years old...)

Tonite I went to make sausage and potato soup.  How difficult could that be?  Let me tell you...

I browned the sausage with chopped onions, but it smelled kind of funny.  I checked the wrapper and it had expired mid May!  Who even KNEW that sausage expired?

The milk (what there was of it) had a sell by date of June 2.  I figured that I had a few days leeway with that.

The celery - there was no celery.

We found some frozen thin sliced ham, so I sliced it up and frizzled it in some butter , so we were good there.

And the potatoes.  The potatoes.

All but 5 looked like a science experiment.  Which started me thinking - One Bad Apple?  One Bad Potato?

Then I stared thinking about the Osmonds and how One Bad Apple was the 2nd "Pop" 45 I ever bought.  (Lonely Days by the BeeGees was the first).

So I looked it up  and I am going to try to share it with you - 

So watch this and if you are slightly older like me, you'll get a nice little taste of nostalgia.  And if you are younger than me you'll shake your head in wonder at the stuff we used to listen to.

AND if you happen to see the Grocery Fairy please tell her that she missed us the last go 'round and before she comes next time, could she kindly swing by the liquor store?

Momma misses her Port.


  1. Spoiled food and bedside alcohol? Is this an episode of Teen Mom? Mid-50's Mom?

  2. Midlife crisis former teen mom???

  3. sounds like a day in gastronome hell and to run out of your favorite bedtime tipple.....someone is out to get you, that's all that's about.....

  4. It is clear that the Bad Karma Fairy has visited instead....