Saturday, June 8, 2013

I Have a Shelf Life

On the way to school this morning, Neve asked Shayne if she could call me granny.  Shayne said he didn't think so.  Well, how about grandma?  Or how about Grammy?  Shayne told her that Grammy was was what he called his grandmother and that she was a real special lady.  Then the conversation really got started -

Neve:  Well, where is your grammy?

Shayne:  She passed away.

Neve:  Did she die-ded?

Shayne: Yes.

Neve:  Is Mimi going to die?

Shayne: Not for a long time.

Grey:  Yeah Neve, Mimi isn't going to die until I am 10.

(By this time they were, I swear to God, passing a cemetery)

Grey: Hey Daddy, is your grammy over there in one of those pits?

Shayne: WHAT? Oh, wait Grey, those are called graves.  And no she's not there.  She donated her body to science.

Neve: Why?

Grey:  (excitedly) So they could do experiments on her?

Neve:  Daddy, when is Mimi going to die?


 It appears that I have a shelf life of about 37 more months.

I've got a lot of stuff to do.  I need to get some bills paid, clear out the clutter and spruce this place up!!

I mean, I don't think that Larry will bring a date to my funeral, but he has assured me that life does go on and he plans to marry again.

(Our family joke is that he will take some of my fabric stash and hang out beside a quilting circle --Hey look ladies - I have my original hair and teeth and LOTS of fabric.....)

(It is much harder on the ladies left behind - If Larry goes first, I plan to get another cat.)

So, as Shayne said yesterday, Mom, it is time to get out that old bucket list!

And the first thing on it is


I mean....37 months goes by pretty quick and I still have stuff from Mary's wedding to put away!

But first, I need to go to the Nationals game.

Priorities, you know.....

The new one had better like baseball....

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