Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It's Wednesday - Lonely Days

So after listening to "One Bad Apple" yesterday, I couldn't help but think about the BeeGees and their song "Lonely Days".  

Larry and I were talking about buying "singles" or 45's and how much they cost.  Funny, I can't remember half the words in my vocabulary, but I can remember that "Lonely Days" and "One Bad Apple" and other assorted singles cost $0.79.  Seventy-nine cents.  And you got two songs!  Albums were $2.98.  Pretty hefty money for a teenager back then.  I baby-sat a WHOLE bunch of bratty kids to pay for my music habit!!

(Larry said that his first album was purchased with a gift certificate that he won for the having the best costume in The Mikado.  - The picture is somewhere upstairs but I love Larry too much to share it.*  His first album, by the way, was Harmony by Three Dog Night.  We still have it.)

So here it is!!  Lonely Days by the BeeGees!!!

Happy Wednesday!!  Enjoy!!

*And I looked but Larry has hidden it again...

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