Sunday, May 19, 2013

Electronic Family

Me on Facebook:

Old guys hitting the Nats game!!! Larry, Larry H. (Mary's dad in law) and my dad! My dad is visiting and getting a little difficult. Old age is so sad. So when I found myself eating grey and neves mac and cheese LIKE IT WAS MY JOB I decided that MAYBE I'm a little stressed, so I went hunting for Audrey to find my Xanax....
Pretty soon after that my friend Sue called - she was in Savannah upon the occasion of her brand new grandaughter Matilda's arrival.
She said that Mandy (her daughter-in-law) had read my post and that Mandy thought that I needed to talk to Sue. 
So Sue put down the baby and gave me a call.
And that made my day.
Thank you, Sue for calling me.
And thank you, Mandy for reading between the lines. 
(And I have to assume that after Sue put the phone down she immediately picked the baby back up!!)

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