Monday, December 3, 2012

We Just Can't Have Nice Things -The Poinsettia Chronicles

It took all day but I finally got my dining room table cleaned off!!  (Don't judge me!)

ah, so pretty!!

I admired it for a few minutes, then we took our dinner into the front room (sigh) to eat. 

(Project Runway (on DVR) was not going to watch itself, after all!)

I came back a scant 42 minutes later and disaster had nearly struck!! 

Just ignore the floor.  Cleaning the dining room is a process....
Two more inches and I would've lost my new poinsettia and then I would've had to hunt down and seriously harm a few cats....(I am looking at YOU Billy and YOU TOO Sminky!!!)


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  1. because the other cats would NEVER do such a thing!