Thursday, December 20, 2012

Remarks Made Whist Speeding Down I-66

Larry and I were running late last week. 

We were dropping stuff off at Mary's party and then going on to dinner with Sue and Spence.

We were supposed to drop the stuff off at 5pm, then meet my friend Sue and her hubby Spence at Maggianos at Tyson's Galleria at 6pm.

We started getting dressed at 5pm.

We started gathering the stuff to drop off at 5:20pm.

We tore out of the house, predictably leaving half of the stuff behind, at 5:35pm.

At 5:49pm I looked at Larry and said, 

"One of us needs to get our shit together.

Only one of us can be out of it at a time."

We have been going thru a difficult time.  Generally we kind of take turns going thru patches of funk and the other one picks up the slack.  But somehow the moon and stars have aligned themselves in some bizarre formation that has both of us sleepwalking thru our days.

Which is unfortunate when there are two jobs, two basset hounds, five cats, and a house that is  getting more disorganized by the minute.

I can't remember the last time I made a list.

It is going to get better.  It just has to.

So this weekend, Mary is graciously watching ALL the dogs, and we are going to North Carolina to The Waverly House, a great bed and breakfast that is having a Christmas special. And we are going to rest.  And reconnect.  And maybe do a little Christmas shopping.  And make some lists.  And work on getting our act together. 

And hopefully come back on Sunday recharged and ready to dig in to Christmas and housekeeping and FIVE dogs and 5 cats and two jobs.

Wish us luck.

And by the way, we dropped the stuff off at Mary's, changed our location for dinner, (What were we thinking?? Dinner at Tysons on a Saturday in Dec??), (And it was a lovely dinner - we really do need to get together more often!!) went back to Mary's party for a little while, and went home, happy that we had accomplished not one but TWO things!!

And that's a start.