Sunday, December 2, 2012

Trip to Walmart

It was a busy day!!

Grey and Neve hadn't been over for two weeks and I wasn't planning on them coming by  until Shayne asked "Do you want to go to Mimi's?" and they shouted "Yes!".

We needed to pick up a humidifier for Grey but the kids wanted to come straight to the house to see Scottie Jane so we tabled the trip til later.

Later included digging out a big box of blocks and a big tub of Aunt Mary and Aunt Audrey's Barbies.

Later included lots of cuddling with Scottie Jane.

Later included ordering pizza and making chocolate chip cookies and and licking the beaters and spatulas.

Later included Neve conditioning her hair by working a large handful of baby lotion into it. Don't ask me why.

Later also included catching up on Max and Ruby on the DVR and Lego TV On Demand while Mimi did some unexpected unscheduled work from home.

So when we finally couldn't put off going out and getting that humidifier, we were looking kind of worse for wear.

Going to the store went a little something like this:

"Larry!  I need to run to Walmart and get that humidifier.  Do you want to go?"
"No!" he yelled down from his office, where he was doing homework.
"Grey, do you want to go?"
"No!" he said as he looked up from playing with the Star Wars cloud car that we had found with the blocks.
"Neve, do you want to go?"
"YES!" She said as she uncrammed the New Kids on the Block Danny doll and his red headed girlfriend out of the Barbie van.  (They had been on their way to a concert with another couple - guys in front, girls in back - all gloriously naked except for Danny who had on a teal bikini bottom that I understand belongs to Brenda from 90210 - but I am not judging.)

I looked down at the two of us and I hoped to God that we wouldn't see ANYONE that I knew.

Then as we walked up to the entrance of the Walmart Neve said, "Mimi, PopPop and Grey didn't come with us!"  

"Nope, they sure didn't" I replied.

"Oh Mimi, we're having a Girls Night!"  Neve said with quite a bit of excitement. 

I looked down at that three year old happy little cookie dough smeared face with the baby lotioned hair and all of a sudden, I didn't care who saw us at the Walmart.

Neve and I were having a Girls Night.

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