Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lesson Learned

Today we learned a scary lesson.

When I got home with the grandkids around 4:00 I gave Grey two childrens Clariton because the cats make his head really stuffy.
Then we drove over to IHOP to meet Larry for dinner.  After dinner Neve and I took off for Target and Larry and Grey went home.
Neve and I got home around 8:15 and as we were showing off our purchases, Larry mentioned that he had given Grey some allergy meds because he was all stuffed up.


Larry ran to call Spence and I urged Grey over to drink some juice and began thinking about how I was going to tell Shayne and Jess.

Spence suggested that we call Poison Control and gave us the number.

Even tho I was busy mentally reviewing all the routes to the nearest ER, I called them.

The Poison Control people were very cheerful and quick.  They told us that it should be okay, just keep an eye on him and try to regulate his doses more carefully in the future.  "Oh, you can take THAT to the bank!  I assured her.

When we called Shayne back to tell them what the Poison Control people said, I mentioned that Neve had slipped on the stairs in her too big boots and scratched her back and that perhaps they should pick the kids up while they were still in one piece, more or less.

He laughed and said that we weren't going to get off so easily and then wondered out loud how he ALWAYS came back from HIS Gran's house without a scratch. 

"Julia wrapped you in bubble wrap the minute you got there," I said.  "Larry and I keep it real...."

Just the same, I think that I'll keep a little closer eye on Grey-be tonite.

Grey, aged 3....
Just in case....

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