Friday, December 28, 2012

A Great Present!!

Audrey got Larry a Shark vacuum for Christmas.  Just a little handheld vacuum that she thought would make it easier for Larry to vacuum the stairs.  Her thinking was that it would be so much fun for him that she wouldn't have to vacuum the stairs herself anymore.  

We have a BAD pet hair problem and it always drifts to the stairs.

Audrey was especially excited about this particular Shark because it was made to vacuum up pet hair.  In fact it was called the "Pet Hair Shark".

Larry mis-read the label and thought it was made to vacuum  pets.  We could see him sizing Lucy and Ellie up as he was cradling the Shark in his arms, considering the risk to life and limb when he tried it out on the cats....

Larry had a sad moment when he realized that he was mistaken.

It was just as well.

The cats would have taken him out after his first try.....

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