Sunday, July 1, 2012

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

I read in the recent AARP newsletter (yes, I'm old) that while overall the divorce rate is falling, the divorce rate among people aged 50+ is rising.  As a matter of fact, it's doubling.  

 We were told that Larry and I would end up like this...

I am an awful correspondent.  And that is a cardinal sin for a military wife.  We would meet people and then we'd leave or they would leave and I'd write a few times but I'd never keep up with it.  And Christmas cards!  Once we got to Maryland and I started working full-time and Larry kept traveling, I just gave up.  I have no excuse. Life just got in the way.

I miss the people that we knew in the past.  The friends we had.  The things we shared.

When we were at FT Polk we had a group of friends that we spent a lot of time with. Then as a unit we moved to FT Hood and got to spend even more time together.  But since Larry was in Military Intelligence and was attached to the Armored unit, when it came time for us to get stationed elsewhere we went one way and they went another. 

We've heard over the years about that core group - a divorce here, a separation there, another divorce, a tragic death.  But we were never really able to connect with them again.

Last night I was browsing thru Facebook when I saw a picture that a friends daughter had posted.  I looked at picture, then called Larry over.  Does so and so have a brother, I asked?  Is this his real name?  Larry said yes to both questions and we looked at the picture again.  Yes, this was a guy we had been stationed with, partied with, shared babysitting with, but the woman with him was not the wife we remembered.

I hadn't talked with the wife that I remembered in a couple of years, just a comment here and there on Facebook on hour cute her grandbabies are etc, so I have no idea  what happened or when it happened.

I am so sad.

I am sad that I never kept up with my friends.

I am sad that life happens like it does.

I am sad that statistics are so often true, that apparently people don't stay together, don't grow old together.

Stupid statistics.

Audrey said that I need to stop being sad.  That instead I need to high-five dad for still promising to love me tomorrow.  Will do.


  1. I'm with Audrey on this one... cept for the fact that she misused that apostrophe. SMH

  2. Thanks for reading Lance and Audrey!! And Lance, I will make Auds aware of her transgression...