Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bringin' Sexy Back

Audrey and I were returning from a quick medicinal trip to IKEA and I was wondering outloud if the lifeguards would let me take my little hand weights into the pool.  

Auds:  I don't know....
Me:  Well, they let me wear my crocs in the pool.
Auds: Why do you wear crocs in the pool, mom???

Me:  The plastic grating on the bathroom floor hurts my feet so it is just easier to keep my crocs on.
Auds:  What about lake shoes??  That would be more elegant..
Me:  I wear a swimsuit with a skirt, Audrey.  I wear sunglasses that make me look like a blind James Earl Jones.  And lets not even talk about what my hair looks like.

Auds:  (musingly)  Yeah...Elegant...I guess that boat sailed awhile ago...

Have you ever listened to the words to Sexy Back?   Talk about your 50 Shades of Justin Timberlake.....

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