Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Conversations with Grey

For Greys' sixth birthday, I assured him that I was getting him underwear.  Strawberry Shortcake underwear, as a matter of fact, which always left Neve reeling in laughter.  Jess pulled me aside at his birthday party and told me that Grey asked her to please go upstairs and count his underwear, so that she could tell me that he didn't need any!

Larry was sitting by Grey and Judy, (Jess's mom) when the following exchange took place:

Judy: "Grey, you have too many toys!"
Grey, chewing on pizza, kept his own counsel and chose not to respond.
Judy: "Grey, you know what you need?"
Grey looked at her interestedly, but kept on eating his pizza.
Judy: "Grey what you need is a college education!"
Grey swallowed, looked at her and said, "What for?"

When you are six,  a Lego set trumps higher education every time!!!

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