Monday, March 12, 2012

A Saturday with My Husband

Larry and I found ourselves in the odd position of having a Saturday morning with no grandchildren!

(I had been exposed to viral pneumonia and there was NO WAY I was going to chance passing it on to Jessica!)

So after we slept in as long as the girls would let us...(Lucy and Ellie are EARLY risers) we decided to go get coffee and a muffin at the Red Truck Bakery in Warrenton.  Yum!!   And the table that you sit and drink your coffee at was made from a barn that General Phil Sheriden actually touched!! 
(Very important to Civil War types...Like Larry...)

Then we went to the Tractor Supply Company.  It is pretty much as important to Larry as Target is to the rest of us. 

(I was going to say that it was as important to him as IKEA, but that would be pure blasphemy.)

(Nothing is as important a IKEA.)

Then we went to Wegmans.  I love Wegmans.

Then we went home, settled down with more coffee and a cat on each our laps, and watched the Pioneer Woman.  (Larry does NOT miss the Pioneer Woman.  More on THAT later...)


Raliegh says Hey....

Then Larry went outside to work on Audrey's car.  

And I cleaned up the toy area, with Mary's help.  (She picked the wrong time to swing by...)

Lucy and Ellie share the toy corner with the grandbabies..  They are NOT happy about this.  Neither are the grandbabies.  Life is rough.  On a related note - LOOK YOU CAN SEE THE FLOOR!!!!!

Oh and we moved furniture and almost adopted a 12 year old dog for Audrey and talked and talked and talked.

And Mary took us out to the Outback for supper!!  SWEET!!!

What a great Saturday!!!

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