Monday, March 12, 2012

My Husband is in Love with Another Woman

I've always known that there were other women in my husband's life.  You know, the usual...his mom, our daughters, a certain boss at the NSA...the usual.

But then, I started noticing that whenever a certain self-proclaimed "bosomy and bottom-y" TV chef would be on, LT would be riveted to the screen.

I am talking, of course, about Nigella Lawson, the Domestic Goddess.

                                      Thank God she lives in England.....

There was day she made some sort of English-style roasted beef, piled it in a roll, shoved half of it in her mouth, then warned us not to try this at home...She then went on to explain that she could do this because she has a very accommodating mouth.

Larry fainted

Our son Shayne shared in the appreciation of Nigella.  I mean it was nice that father and son had something to leer, er, I mean talk about.

Then I noticed that his affection was fading.  Was there another woman who had captured his fancy?

Actually, it was another woman and her ranch.

I am talking about the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, of course.

                                              The Other other Woman.

He is in love with the ranch and with Marlboro Man and anything that they do that is farm related.

And don't forget Charlie and Walter, the basset hounds.

At first, I thought oh, this is just a passing fancy.  Larry's from Oklahoma, it is just state pride. He'll get bored soon.

But no.

He reads her blog.  He googles the ranch.  He tells me Charlie stories.  And at 10am on Saturdays, he is ready, coffee cup in hand, to watch the Pioneer Woman on Food Network.

Audrey , surprisingly, has sympathy for him.  She has stated, after making Ree's cobbler, that she too would marry her.

Maybe I won't tell them that her new cookbook comes out tomorrow...

And that I have had it pre-ordered for about oh three months...

Thank God they live in Oklahoma....


  1. you two should dress as Rhee and the Marlboro Man for Halloween :)


  2. Recapture their love with this sandwich. Just don't tell them it's PW's!

    THE ONLY STEAK SUB worth eating. But I added mushrooms and swiss cheese to mine.