Friday, March 16, 2012

Necessary Corrections 2

Today Neve and Audrey and the girls and I took off for Shirlington to have lunch with Poppop and Mary.

While we were walking back to the parking garage we were nearly run over by two seriously yuppie parents and their huge sidewalk gobbling stroller.

Me:  Look Neve!  Isn't that a pretty baby?

Neve:  Um, no Mimi.  That baby not pretty AT ALL!

They nearly turned around and ran us down again!!

Nope, not at all....


  1. this reminds me of Elizabeth who never left the house without a veil, ballerina dress, ballgown or prom dress & she was the same age as Neve

    1. Yes, the ballgown came along later in the afternoon. right now she is at the playground w poppop in a long satin-y dress, a sweater w fur trim and hippie boots. (Audrey is insanely jealous!) Here's hoping she grows up as awesome as Lizzie! (and Auds too!!)