Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Cautionary Cookie Tale

We've all seen the Chocolate chip cookie recipe on the right side of Facebook.  You know, the one from the Just a Pinch site.

I made them the other night. I didn't have a plain cake mix, so I used a lemon cake mix and added pecans and white chocolate chips and oh my goodness they were great!!


So that got me to thinking...How about using a Red Velvet cake mix??  With white chocolate chips??  Maybe a little bit of cream cheese frosting on top??
And since we were having people to dinner the next night - it would be perfect!!!

They came together perfectly!  I even added some extra butter (everything is better with butter - right??)

They were beautiful!!  And tasted sooo good!!

Pretty, huh?

But later that night when Larry and I were brushing our teeth, we noticed that we couldn't rinse our mouths enough... Where was all this pink water coming from???

And then it hit me!!
Red Velvet cake is easily about oh, say 40% red food coloring, which, when spread out over a big ol cake isn't that bad.
But compacted in about 3 dozen cookies, we're talking ALOT of red food coloring.
And then upon further consideration I realized that the red food coloring was going to present itself in other well, physical ways.

How did I manage to hit the cookie exacta??  Gorgeous and gross at the same time?

We threw the cookies away.

Who wants to brightly caution their guests "Oh, and after eating these cookies, don't worry!  That's not rectal bleeding!"

Not me.


  1. Haha. I had a similar discovery when I ate an entire thing of Tongue Splashers bubble gum back in the '90s. Except they were green and blue. It wasn't pretty.

  2. Next time, we will use vanilla cake mix.