Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Notes From a Cat Lady

As  you all can't help but know - 5 cats have chosen to live with us.  That is until Sunday, when Audrey moved and took Bill J. Purray with her.  And she dropped Scottie Jane into the crate too... just in case Billy had a hard time adjusting to life on his own.  (i.e. being an "only" cat.) 

And as it turned out, he did have a little bit of problem, so Scottie is staying on for a couple of days.

Chillin - unaware of the big move...

Bill the vampire cat... Scottie never even woke up.
Now that leaves the three older cats home alone.  

Just how they like it.  

No young whippersnappers to chase them down or eat their food or make them stand in line at the litter box.

No more having to be a role model.

We got home from the game on Sunday night and I swear that they were into the good Scotch.

I decided that with there being fewer cats around, it would be a good time to give them a good brushing.  Raleigh was looking a little rough and Sminky a little dingy.  Paulie, of course, was fresh and ready for his close up and yet as soon as I picked up the brush, he was in my lap, saying me first! Me First!

So yesterday, my attempts at brushing were rebuffed roundly by Sminky and Raleigh.  I brushed Paulie really well just to show the other two that there was nothing to it, but all they did was laugh at Paulie and call him snide cat names.

Today I woke up with that rare feeling of wanting to accomplish SOMETHING!!! and right away I spotted the cat brush.

After I brushed Paulie (he has to have put a freakin' charm or something on that brush, I swear!) I grabbed Sminky.

Then I grabbed Sminky again.

Then awash with determination, I wiped off all the blood and grabbed Sminky again. 

She ungraciously allowed (?) me to brush her, growling all the time.  Paulie stood right by her head, consoling her and assuring her that he was next.

After I finished Sminky (and brushed Paulie again) I went to pick up Raleigh.

I chased him all over the house and for an old guy, he runs really fast.

I accepted defeat and went back to the couch to finish watching America's Next Top Model.

A few minutes later, Raleigh jumped on my lap. (He's not too bright, but he's really pretty!)  I brushed the heck out of that cat and soon realized that it was going to be a two day (at least) job. 

I ended up up with enough cat hair to build another Sminky and Raleigh and barely enough from Paulie to cover the brush. 

still not talking to me....

Kicking Paulie out of their Never-gonna-get-brushed-Again club 

Look how pretty!!!

And I had enough cat scratches to look like Frankenstein's monster.

But Billy and Scottie Jane - they aren't missing this at all....

This is a no brushing zone....